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Zombie Panic Source (ZPS) Server Installation

Recommended Server Specifications

If you are planning on hosting a steam source game, you will want to consider the following minimal requirements:

  • Intel (preferred) Dual-Core 2.0Ghz CPU or higher
  • 4GB DDR2 Ram
  • 250GB Hard Drive
  • Internet Connection - 1Mbps Upload with Static IP Address
  • Dedicated (meaning this is not also your gaming computer)

To check your system settings, click on start, in the search menu type run, in the run box type dxdiag and click Ok.  This will bring up the DirectX diagnostic tool that will enable you to view your specs from within the system section. 

Server Folder Preparation

Zombie Panic Source with the use of SourceMod for admin purposes leverages the following important folder files unique to every dedicated server installation:

Dedicated Server Core Files
  • zps/mapcycle.txt - zps maps that are slotted to be in game rotation
  • zps/maplist.txt - list of all zps maps hosted on the dedicated server
  • zps/motd.txt - zps dedicated server message of the day
  • zps/cfg/server.cfg - zps dedicated server configuration
  • zps/maps - zps dedicated server maps are placed here

SourceMod Core Files

  • addons/sourcemod/configs/adminmenu_custom.txt - custom SourceMod admin menu
  • addons/sourcemod/configs/adminmenu_maplist.txt - map selection exclusively used for admins
  • addons/sourcemod/configs/admins.cfg - admin identification
  • addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg - dedicated server database identification
  • addons/sourcemod/configs/maplists.cfg - configuration of dedicated server maps

Firewall Preparation

Both your network and windows firewall will need to be configured to both permit and forward the following ports to the internal IP address of your server:

Steam Dedicated Server SRCDS

Steam Dedicated Server SourceTV

TCP/UDP 27015
UDP 27020

Dedicated Server Home Directory Preparation

Step 1:  Create SRCDS & SteamCMD Home Directories

  • Create a new directory on your C: drive entitled SRCDS (C:\SRCDS). 
  • Create a new directory on your C: drive entitled SteamCMD (C:\SteamCMD)
You can download the .bat fie linked to the icon to left to automate this for you.

Method 1 - ZPS Dedicated Server Powered by seDirector

Coming Soon!

seDirector (previously SRCDS Admin) is quickly growing from a small-time helper application, distributed through forums, into an all-in-one suite of game server admin tools, distributed through a content delivery network.  seDirector makes game server administration easy by saving you time and effort through automation.

Method 2 - SteamCMD Direct Installation

Step 1:  Create Home Directory

  • Create a new directory on your c drive entitled SRCDS
  • Create directory within your C:\SRCDS directory called SteamCMD
or download .bat fie linked to the icon to the left to automate the folder creation for you
  • Download the SteamCMD File and place it in the C:\SteamCMD folder
When finished (following either process), you should end up with the following two folders on your C drive:

  • C:\SRCDS
  • C:\SteamCMD
Step 2:  Install SDK 2013 MP Dedicated Server Base Files
Run this SDK 2013 MP Dedicated Server Script in the CMD prompt as Administrator:

SDK 2013 Dedicated Server Base Steam App - 244310
Logon Anonymous = Yes
Step 3:  Install ZPS Dedicated Server Base Files
Run this ZPS Dedicated Server Script in the CMD prompt as Administrator:

SDK 2013 Dedicated Server Base Steam App - 17505

Logon Anonymous = Yes

This will install all of the required Zombie Panic Source dedicated server files.  The ZPS dedicated server installation size is approximately 1.2GB.

If you simply wish to download the pre-configured .bat script used for updating your Zombie Panic: Source Dedicated server, please feel free to download the zpsupdate.bat file by clicking the icon to the left. 

Step 4: Download the [ZG] server.cfg template file and place this file in the zps/cfg folder. 

Server.cfg Settings
  • hostname - Name of Server
  • sv_contact - Server Contact
  • rcon_password - Password used to issue rcon commands to server
  • sv_region - Physical location of Server
Step 5:  Install Standard SourceMod & Metomod Installation

Download the [ZG] Standard SouceMod Base Files
     SourceMod Dev Version -
     MetaMod Dev Version -

     Create a VDF here (game folder is "zps")

Step 6: Install [ZG] SourceMod Template Files

Unzip this file.  The addons folder and cfg folder are to be  placed in your primary ZPS folder C:\SRCDS\zps\

All SourceMod Plugins listed to the right will be added to your server configuration.

Step 7:  Create Server Run Script

Run this ZPS Dedicated Server Script in the CMD prompt as Administrator:

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