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About Zombie Panic Source

Zombie Panic Source (ZPS) is a cooperative survival horror Half-Life 2 Modification, the sequel to the popular Half-Life Modification "Zombie Panic". As a member of a party of survivors you find yourself without provisions or any military support.  Fending off the undead has never been more difficult, but with a large variety of fire arms, explosives, and unique items, the task is not impossible. 

Our Gaming Community sponsors the only Zombie Panic Source server that features all of the well known Zombie Panic Mall maps! In addition, this server hosts many classic and new ZPS and ZPO maps.   Additional server information can be found here

East Coast ZPS Servers

West Coast ZPS Servers

ZPS Installation Instructions

Step 1:  Install Steam (if you don't have it)

Also available for Mac

Step 2:  Install Zombie Panic Source

ZPS Multiplayer Crosshairs

ZPS Multiplayer crosshairs has changed with the introduction of Zombie Panic 2.3 and the new HUD.

Modifying existing Crosshair (Windows Vista, 7 & 8):

1) Navigate to the Zombie Panic Source installation on your Microsoft Windows OS:

   C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Source SDK Base 2007\zps\materials\VGUI\images\hud

Note: that there already will be a folder path up to the VGUI and the logos folder will be there already too, from here just create folders with the name corresponding to the path.

Red Dot Crosshair

X Crosshair

Circle Crosshair

ZPS Custom Crosshairs

Information on creating custom ZPS Crosshairs can be found in this outstanding tutorial by Convict Gaming here:


ZPS Sprays

Information on Zombie Panic Source sprays can be found in our FAQ section here.

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