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Wickk's ZPS Maps

Wickk is one of the original community members.  In addition to being an admin of the Zombie Gaming Community, he is extremely talented in making maps with smooth and intense game play. Wickk has the amazing ability to take any map concept and turn it into reality.  His expertise lies in taking the best parts of existing maps and creating new maps that are not only visually pleasing, but extremely fun to play.  


Map Type:  Hardcore Survival

Last Release Date:  12/20/2012

GameBanana.com Link: 170354

Map Screen Shots: zph_falling_castle_bulwark_b1

Map Summary:   This is the first hardcore survival map made by Wickk. The premise is you are defending a fortified Castle from the undead.  As they continue to breach your walls, you must do your best to fight them off.  You have 5 minutes to ensure the survival of you and your group.


Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Survival

Last Release Date:  8/19/2013

GameBanana.com Link: 175985

Map Screen Shots: zps_falling_city

Map Summary:   Very similar to skyscraper.  Survivors must fight to stay alive in a city that is falling down around them. 

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Timed Objective

Last Release Date:  9/27/2012

GameBanana.com Link: 169182

Map Screen Shots: zps_pool_defense_f1

Map Summary:   There are three floors, each with it's own defenses to help hold off the zombies. If your not careful and don't advance to the next floor when one is taken over you can find yourself surrounded by zombies or drowning in muddy water.

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Objective

Last Release Date: 

GameBanana.com Link: 172455

Map Screen Shots: zpo_power_plant

Map Summary:   Map concept taken from the CSS map, energo.  You are traveling with a group of survivors who come across an abandoned power plant.  While seeking refuge you realize that you are in the middle of a zombie war.  To make matters worse, the deterioration of the power plant, if not shut down, will reach critical mass and explode.   Your objectives are to find the keys to the control run, shut down the power, defend the control run during the shutdown and escape the power plant. 

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Survival

Last Release Date: 

GameBanana.com Link: 169398

Map Screen Shots: zps_Halloween_Cemetery_v2

Map Summary:   A map made specifically for the upcoming holiday! Halloween! Either chose to try and hold the crypt with few supplies or storm the cemetery where better weapons can be found!

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Survival

Last Release Date:  10/14/2012

GameBanana.com Link: 169610

Map Screen Shots: zps_country_housing_b6

Map Summary:   This map is the result of reading a book on the geometry of old Texas buildings. There are still things I need to change but I am going to take a break and I wanted to get this out. Criticism is always welcome.

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Survival

Last Release Date:  1/28/2014

GameBanana.com Link: N/A

Map Screen Shots: zps_MonroevilleMall_b2

Map Summary:   Loosely based on the movie, Dawn of the Dead, the Monroeville Mall map is the first attempt at recreating the mall that served as the backdrop to George Romero's masterpiece movie. 

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes

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