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Tabajara's ZPS Maps

Tabajara is the veteran mapper of the group.  Taba is probably hands-down the best overall map maker within the entire Zombie Panic Source (ZPS) community.  His maps are consistently awesome.  He has an extremely impressive way in which he blends the artistic, creative, smart and realistic elements into his maps.  It is for this reason that the MMNB Community hosts Taba's maps with great pride. You can also check out his gamebanana website here.

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Map Type:  Objective

Last Release Date:  8/25/2011

GameBanana.com Link: 160381

Map Screen Shots: zpo_abandoned_base_mmnb

Map Summary:   After an accident with a bus and a police car, survivors get lost in a forest where there is an abandoned base in the area.  Your mission is to enter in the base, pick up equipment needed to survive the onslaught of zombies, call the rescue in the control room and go to the helipad for escape.

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Objective

Last Release Date:  9/10/2014

GameBanana.com Link: 178320

Map Screen Shots: zpo_area41_vf3

Map Summary:   In 1947 shortly after World War II, the United States had the need to create a secret military staging base in attempts prevent any future attacks against them. This state of the art research and development facility, known as Area 41, was built under the desert of New Mexico to keep any new projects completely secret to the Soviet Union. In 1990, the secret facility was essentially shut down due to research and high technology projects being awarded to private companies elsewhere.

A private security team along with a few engineers still maintains a presence to provide maintenance and security to Area 41. When the world fell due to the zombie apocalypse, all Area 41 staff was immediately evacuated from the facility, ultimately leaving the secret base abandoned. Upon the exodus of the base, strict orders were given to heavily secure the hangar area with the intent of keeping the base infrastructure and everything inside completely safe from the threat of intrusion and looting.

Upon the last evacuation sortie, the automated Patriot Anti-Missile system was still online, this oversight caused the last rescue helicopter crash directly into the desert, very close to the Area 41 facility. Now, a few group of survivors have to find another way to proceed to the next quarantine zone by going through the entire base.  Be alert and careful, this facility doesn't look good after so many years of not being well maintained by the United States Army. Grab anything that you need and get out of there as fast as you can!

Objective List:

  1. Get inside in the military base
  2. Hack the tunnel panel
  3. Search for a security card
  4. Open the Hangar's doors
  5. Turn on the Hangar's generator
  6. Call and wait for the cargo elevator
  7. Break the panel to unlock the basement door
  8. Break the Office's gate
  9. Proceed to the teleport room
  10. Charge the machine
  11. Go into the teleport

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Timed Objective

Last Release Date:  12/1/2011

GameBanana.com Link: 161631

Map Screen Shots: zpo_bar_b1

Map Summary:   A small bar on 2 levels, with enough weapons and ammunition in the bar tables and benches.

Your objective is to survive for 10 minutes at the bar against the invading zombies.

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: No


Map Type:  Survival

Last Release Date:  11/22/2013

GameBanana.com Link: 177587

Map Screen Shots: zps_christmas

Map Summary:   A Christmas survival map for Zombie Panic! Source.  Although this map has been available since 2011, Tabajara has decided to create an alternative download link through Gamebanana for ZPS server owners.

Map Note: This map has a low amount of ammo and weapons, therefore be sure to make every bullet count. Stay close to your melee and kill them all.  Have a nice Christmas night!

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Timed Objective

Last Release Date: 

GameBanana.com Link: 152208

Map Screen Shots: zpo_condominium_272_v10

Map Summary:   Based on an actual apartment complex in Brazil, the objective is to survive for 12 minutes in the condominium apartments.  Survivors must collect  ammunition and weapons and hold up before the onslaught of zombies arrive.

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Objective

Last Release Date:  07/28/2012

GameBanana.com Link: 170299

Map Screen Shots: zpo_core_complex_v3

Map Summary:   Based on a biggest complex of the Black Mesa Research Facility, most known as "Lambda Core."

Lambda Complex, an advanced teleportation research lab, hosts the majority of scientists, civilians and security team of Black Mesa. After a serious accident at Test Lab C-33/a (Sector C), the Army is activated to EVAC the complex and extract all Lambda Team members, civilians and scientists from the complex. Survivors are held up close to a big lab where the remnants of the Lambda team have taken refuge.

Zombies have already breach areas of the facility via vents and other places on the complex. Be careful of such places that house vents as this is where the infection started. Your mission is to stay alive and find a way to escape from the complex.

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Timed Objective

Last Release Date:  09/11/2012

GameBanana.com Link: 168961

Map Screen Shots: zps_deathrun_corrida_v9f

Map Summary:   Negotiate the death-run map as a survivor without perishing.  

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Hard Core Objective

Last Release Date:  08/1/2011

GameBanana.com Link: 156404

Map Screen Shots: zph_escape_hardcore_vf_1

Map Summary:   This map is part 1 of a 2 series maps.  Run for your lives!  Survivors run from a horde of zombies to a train platform.  Call for help and make your way to the train station to escape!

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Hard Core Objective

Last Release Date:  09/2/2011

GameBanana.com Link: 158284

Map Screen Shots: zph_escape_hardcore_vf_2f

Map Summary:   This map is part 2 of 2 maps.  We last left the survivors in the train station.  Survivors must now make their way to a mall complex.  Upon entering the mall complex, Survivors must negotiate a variety of obstacles to make their way up to the roof of the mall and catch an arriving EVAC copter to take whoever is left to safety.  By this point in time, the Zombie horde is getting larger and faster!

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Objective

Last Release Date:  07/1/2011

GameBanana.com Link: 155393

Map Screen Shots: zpo_factory_v1

Map Summary:   While escaping the city, survivors are stopped because the road is blocked by abandoned vehicles. Your new objective is to survive the horde of zombies that are close behind on the highway. Go to the nearby factory, find the radio, contact the military, find the helicopter, gather supplies, fuel it, and escape!  All while holding off the oncoming zombies overrunning the factory complex. 

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Objective

Last Release Date:  04/15/2014

GameBanana.com Link: 180171

Map Screen Shots: zpo_frozenheart_vf1

Map Summary:  

The end of the winter is coming. After weeks driving on the highway, a group of survivors have to make their final stop because of a military vehicle blocking the road. They must continue to the next building up ahead on foot. However, the place isn't safe as they would expect.

Zombies are coming behind the hills, and they must be careful of that gravel, otherwise it's instant death! Search for supplies or gas cans in these cars abandoned on the highway might be a good option. Grab everything that you can and find a radio inside the restaurant. See what you achieve by contacting some help through the radio. These weeks only on the road need be for something at least!

Be aware, your group is not alone in this cold winter. An infection may require you to kill those that you are trying to protect.  


  1. Search for gas cans in these cars.
  2. Get inside the restaurant and find the radio.
  3. Fill up the generator with the gas cans.
  4. Radio for help.
  5. Find some kind of a 'map' for the military.
  6. Hold up for more information.
  7. Grab a box of cans in the kitchen.
  8. Move to the roof and wait for the choppa.
  9. Blow up the stairs to prevent zombies climb up.
  10. Secure the area and escape.

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Timed Objective

Last Release Date:  11/2/2012

GameBanana.com Link: 169972

Map Screen Shots: zpo_suburb_b1

Map Summary:   The city was been declared quarantined after an emergency call in a small suburb.  The police upon arrival cannot call an ambulance from the emergency station due to the quarantine status declared on the community.  The residents and also police officers are now forced to barricade the houses of the neighborhood and survive the oncoming horde of zombies in the region for the next few hours.

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Timed Objective

Last Release Date:  07/1/2011

GameBanana.com Link: 153380

Map Screen Shots: zpo_the_village_v2

Map Summary:   Trapped in the middle of the town, survivors must barricade and survive the oncoming horde of zombies who are taking over everything!  Survivors have 10 minutes to survive.  

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes


Map Type:  Training Objective

Last Release Date:  04/28/2012

GameBanana.com Link: 165675

Map Screen Shots: zpo_trainingmap_b5f

Map Summary:   No other map like this for Zombie Panic Source (ZPS).  This is the FIRST training map for ZPS players!!!  There are 10 stages to help survivors familiarize themselves with each of the primary weapons offered on ZPS.  Each stage features a new unique weapon to include, pistol, Winchester, super shorty, Remington 870, IED & Grenades, Mp5, Ak-47, and finally the M4.  The 9th stage is an opportunity to use all weapons to include the .357 Magnum.  The final stage is an actual mission that requires you to evacuate the training complex that is being overrun by zombies by calling in for air extraction. 

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes

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