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Red Rose's ZPS Maps

Red Rose, currently the only female member currently creating maps, is extremely talented.  She has taken one of the most widely played maps (zpo_church_skittles_b2) and has blown away all other map maker's attempts at improving this map modification.  She is extremely creative in her way of capturing the way to improve upon game play while keeping alive the creativity of a ZPS map. 


Map Type:  Timed Objective

Last Release Date:  7/25/2012 

Special Thanks:  Tabajara

GameBanana.com Link: N/A

Map Screen Shots: zpo_church_skittles_v4f

Map Summary:   This map is a modification of the very widely played zpo_church_skittles_b2.  This map features a new building, new ways to access the underground bunker and a whole new armory near the infamous bunker.  Your mission is to survive for 10 minutes, fending off the onslaught of undead.    

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes

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