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Player Resources

Welcome to your one stop shop for great player's resources that will dramatically increase your playing experience while playing any Half-Life engine based game hosted by the Zombie Gaming [ZG] Community.  If you have any suggestions for additional resources or need help, please post in our forums.

Player Resource Tools

Game Booster 3

Designed for higher FPS and less lags!

Game Booster 3 is capable of delivering the best gaming experience to you even if you have an old PC. One-click to boost PC performance is not enough, Game Booster 3 also allows you to tweak your system for top PC performance. By temporarily shutting background processes and unnecessary Windows services, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance, Game Booster 3 concentrates every little system resource for gaming only.

Game Booster 3 is compatible with PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, VAC, and any other anti-cheat software.

TCP Optimizer

Designed for higher network throughput and less lags!

The TCP Optimizer is a free, easy Windows program that provides an intuitive interface for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection. There is no installation required, just download and run.

The program can aid both the novice and the advanced user in tweaking related TCP/IP parameters in Windows, making it easy to tune your system to the type of Internet connection used. The tool uses advanced algorithms, and the bandwidth*delay product to find the best TCP Window for your specific connection speed. It provides for easy tuning of all related TCP/IP parameters, such as MTU, RWIN, and even advanced ones like QoS and ToS/Diffserv prioritization. The program works with all current versions of Windows, and includes additional tools, such as testing average latency over multiple hosts, and finding the largest possible packet size (MTU).

The TCP Optimizer is targeted towards broadband internet connections, however it can be helpful with tuning any internet connection type, from dial-up to Gigabit+ :) It is completely free, requires no installation, and has been downloaded over 3 Million times.

If you need help with the program, check the TCP Optimizer documentation, read our broadband tweaking articles, the Optimizer FAQ, and/or visit our Forums. The program can be freely (re)distributed, as long as you give us proper credit as the author, and it is not sold for profit.


Designed for faster computer processing producing less lags!

CCleaner is by far one of the best products to clean up your Microsoft Windows cache content and registry.  It does an amazing job of also uninstalling old programs and killing start-up processes that are truly not needed.  This is the primary tool that the Zombie Gaming [ZG] Community recommends in keeping any gaming system running optimally.  

Optimize Game Cache Files

Validate your local files for Zombie Panic Source by clicking the button to the right (please ensure steam is running on your computer):

Defragment your Zombie Panic Source files by clicking the button to the right (please ensure steam is running on your computer):

Troubleshoot Game Performance
                                          (Advanced Users Only)

Because of so many variables, it can be difficult to troubleshoot specific issues with your game play.  For half-life based game engines,you can use the following command to check on your real time game performance:
If you are noticing poor game play, start keeping your eye on the following:

  • fps - Frames per Second
  • ping - Network Latency
  • loss - % of incoming lost data packets
  • choke - % of outgoing lost data packets



Frames per second. This is your current frame rate.  The higher fps, the better:

  10fps - Jerky, continual lag and jitter
  20fps - Fair, Intermittent lag and jitter
  30fps - Playable, infrequent lag and jitter
  60fps - Good, never to no lag and jitter
100fps - Perfect, smooth gameplay
Network latency measured in milliseconds. It is the time it takes for a data packet to travel from source to destination and back (round trip).  The lower the ping, the better:

500ms-1000ms - 80-100% lag, unplayable
  300ms-500ms - 50-80% lag, bad game play
  200ms-300ms - 20-50% lag, fair game play
    50ms-200ms - 0-10% lag, good game play
        0ms-50ms - 0% lag, smooth game play



The percentage of incoming data packets that are lost.  Optimally, you want to keep this to "0"

The percentage of outgoing data packets that are lost.  Optimally, you want to keep this to "0"

Net Graph

With now understanding the meaning behind fps, ping, loss and choke, one can now start looking at real time data to determine where performance issues may exist.  The Source engine offers a couple of tools to check your client connection speed and quality. The most popular one is the net graph, which can be enabled with net_graph 2 (or +graph). Incoming packets are represented by small lines moving from right to left. The height of each line reflects size of a packet. If a gap appears between lines, a packet was lost or arrived out of order. The lines are color-coded depending on what kind of data they contain.

Under the net graph, the first line shows your current rendered frames per second, your average latency, and the current value of cl_updaterate. The second line shows the size in bytes of the last incoming packet (snapshots), the average incoming bandwidth, and received packets per second. The third line shows the same data just for outgoing packets (user commands).

How to enable, control and disable Net_Graph:

To turn on the netgraph, type net_graph 1 (2 and 3 have additional data)
on the console. To turn it off, type net_graph 0 at the console.

The netgraph may be positioned on the left, middle or right of the screen
by setting net_graphpos to 0, 1, or 2 as needed.

You can adjust the size of the netgraph by setting the net_graphwidth CVAR.

Game Server Tick Speed Tweaks

When loss or choke climb to anywhere between 10-20 or more it is time to take a look at your actual connection settings as your current connection settings may be too high.

The following bind commands will allow you to "tweak" your in game settings to optimize game play while playing on different kinds of tickrate half-life engine servers:

F6 Key Bind

To optimize for the fastest settings - Fast 100 Tick Speed Server (open up your developer console and type):

bind "F6" "rate 25000; cl_interp 0; cl_interp_ratio 0; cl_updaterate 101; cl_cmdrate 100"

F5 Key Bind

If your choke or loss is 10+, look to lower your speed to a normal 66 Tick Speed Server (open up your developer console and type):

bind "F5" "rate 15000; cl_interp 0; cl_interp_ratio .01; cl_updaterate 66; cl_cmdrate 66"

F4 Key Bind 

If your choke or loss is 5+, look to lower your speed to a slow 33 Tick Server (open up your developer console and type):

bind "F4" "rate 10000; cl_interp 0; cl_interp_ratio .02; cl_updaterate 33; cl_cmdrate 33"

A basic guide for these settings are the following internet connection speeds:
Dial-Up (56kbps)
ISDN     (128kbps)
ADSL    (1.5Mbps - 6Mbps)
CABLE  (3Mbps - 30Mbps)
LAN       (50Mbps - 100Mbps)
"rate 3500"      "cl_updaterate 20"      "cl_cmdrate 30"
"rate 7500"      "cl_updaterate 20"      "cl_cmdrate 30"
"rate 10000"    "cl_updaterate 50"      "cl_cmdrate 50"
"rate 15000"    "cl_updaterate 60"      "cl_cmdrate 60"
"rate 25000"    "cl_updaterate 100"    "cl_cmdrate 100"

Virus' & Malware

After performing every recommendation above, you may still find that your system is slow.  Another major variable that can contribute to a slow computer or a slow network is malware or a virus'.  Below are some great (free) anti-malware and anti-virus tools that will help you in this fight:


Microsoft Security Essentials


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free utilizes Malwarebytes powerful technology to detect and remove all traces of malware including worms, trojans, rootkits, rogues, dialers, spyware and more.

Microsoft Security Essentials helps guard against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It provides free* real-time protection for your home or small business PCs

Avira removes malware and protects you against the latest strains of viruses, worms, Trojans and more. Avira Free Antivirus is Windows® 8 Compatible.

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