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Mapping Standards - Versioning

Every mapper seems to version their maps differently.  Below hopefully will provide some solid naming standards that our mappers can use to create their respective maps.

Alpha (A) - Before a map is released on an online server, play test maps should take the Alpha version.  Alphas should have no more than 3 iterations before they are put into beta.  Standard naming conventions are:


  • ce_mapname_a1 (for Contagion escape map)
  • ch_mapname_a1 (for Contagion hunted map)
  • cx_mapname_a1 (for Contagion extraction map)



  •  nms_mapname_a1 (for NMRIH survival map)
  •  nmo_mapname_a1 (for NMRIH objective map)


  • zps_mapname_a1 (for ZPS survival map)
  • zpo_mapname_a1 (for ZPS objective map)

Beta (B) -  When a map is first released, it stays in Beta phase until all major bugs and features are worked out.  Betas should not go for more than 9 iterations before it is final.  Standard naming conventions are:


  • ce_mapname_b1 (for Contagion escape map)
  • ch_mapname_b1 (for Contagion hunted map)
  • cx_mapname_b1 (for Contagion extraction map)



  •  nms_mapname_b1 (for NMRIH survival map)
  •  nmo_mapname_b1 (for NMRIH objective map)


  • zps_mapname_b1 (for ZPS survival map)
  • zpo_mapname_b1 (for ZPS objective map)

Release (V) - When a map has all major bugs worked out and all initial features implemented, the mapper will then release the map as a final build.  Releases to final builds are to address bugs that may have been missed in beta builds.  Primarily, final build releases will introduce new features to the map and fix minor bugs that are reported.  Version numbers are unlimited.  Standard naming conventions are:


  • ce_mapname_v1 (for Contagion escape map)
  • ch_mapname_v1 (for Contagion hunted map)
  • cx_mapname_v1 (for Contagion extraction map)
  •  nms_mapname_v1 (for NMRIH survival map)
  •  nmo_mapname_v1 (for NMRIH objective map)


  • zps_mapname_v1 (for ZPS survival map)
  • zpo_mapname_v1 (for ZPS objective map)

Zombie Gaming [ZG] Transparent Logos

When making new texture, below are example Zombie Gaming [ZG] transparent source logos (.png files) that can be used to create the texture files.  If you have created textures files for these for ZPS or NMRIH, please let us know.

[ZG] Logo Usage in Map

To the right is the optimal way to use the above logos in your ZPS or NMRIH map.  Castle did a perfect job of getting this logo incorporated into his map textures.

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