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HLStatsX Setup

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HLStatsX Community Edition (HLXCE)

HLstatsX: Community Edition is a statistics tracking application for Half-Life source engine games. This application leverages advanced logging being organized and stored on a MySQL database framework. 


Step 1:  Install XAMPP

Download and install the latest version of XAMPP to C:\xampp

After the installation is complete, you will find XAMPP under Start | Programs | Apache Friends | XAMPP. You can use the XAMPP Control Panel to start/stop all server and also install/uninstall services.  After installation, you can access XAMPP and associated services by going to http:\\localhost

Step 2: Download and Extract HLXCE

Download and extract the latest HLXCE install files to a temporary working folder.  The extraction will have the following folders:

  • amxmodx
  • heatmaps
  • scripts
  • sourcemod - Install all contents into primary game folder
  • sql
  • web

Step 3: HLXCE Database Setup

Navigate to http:\\localhost\phpmyadmin. 

Select the users tab and choose Add User on the left side of thee screen.  The following screen to the left will then appear.  

The database user name will be hlxce.  Host can either be local or any host.  Password is what will be used with the hlxce database user.  Grant all privileges on wildcard name (username\%) should be chosen. Finally check all global privileges. 

Step 4:  Import the HLXCE SQL Script into the HLXCE Database

Within the temporary working HLXCE files, you should see the sql folder containing the install.sql file.  Navigate http://localhost/phpmyadmin to the hlxce database that was just created.  Click the Import tab and browse your computer for the install.sql file.  Click Go to run the script. If run successfully you should see a number of brand new tables created on the left side of phpMyAdmin web portal.

Step 5:  Import the latest GeoLiteCity Data

HLXCE through the use of GeoLiteCity data, enables the ability for players to be actively visible on the HLXCE website.  This data also provides the capability of announcing a player's country when joining the server. Their location is always shown when you click through to them from the player list. HLXCE uses the freely-available GeoLiteCity data from MaxMind (http://dev.maxmind.com/geoip/legacy/geolite/). MaxMind updates their package once a month.

Step 6:  Setup the HLXCE Web Page

Navigate to C:\xampp\htdocs\ and create a folder called hlstats.  Copy all files within the working HLXCE directory containing the web directory. Since this is a new install, remove the updater sub-directory.

Open up config.php and update the appropriate fields:

define("DB_ADDR", "");
define("DB_NAME", "hlxce");
define("DB_USER", "hlxce");
define("DB_PASS", "hlxce-password");

Once you save and close the file, your HLXCE site should now by active. To access it, enter the correct URL in your web browser. For example:


The front page will display and empty Google map and a blank graph underneath it. You should see an [Admin] link at the bottom of the page.

Step 7:  Setup HLStatsX Server Options

Click the [Admin] link at the bottom of the site. The default username is admin and default password is 123456

Once logged in, change the admin password immediately. Under General Settings click Admin Users and change the password field for admin. Click Apply to update the password. You will need to login again.

Next, click General Settings then HLstatsX:CE Settings. Typical server settings are the following:

Site Name: HLstatsX
Site URL: http://localhost/hlstats/
Show load summaries from all monitored servers: Hide
Google Maps Type: Normal
       *Choose whether to use GeoCityLite data loaded into mysql database or from binary file GeoIP lookup via database
*Ranking type: Kills
*HLstatsX will automatically delete history events: 180
       If no (default), use the current time on the database server: Yes
*Log admin chat to database: Yes

Click Apply to activate the changes.  While still under General Settings, click Games. You'll need to hide all games that you will not be tracking.  Click Apply to activate the change.

Step 8:  Adding your Server to HLXCE

Navigate to Game Settingsgame server type, then Add Server.  It is recommended that you use a Strong Password. 

Server IP Address: your server IP address
Server Port: 27015
Server Name: Your server name
Rcon Password: c6hciF4dK1VHz8EyF336V
Public Address: public-ip.com:27015
Admin Mod: Mani Admin Plug-in or SourceMod Plug-in

Click Add Server to complete the configuration. Once completed, you will now see the server within the main HLstatsX page.

Return to Game Settings, game server type, then click on Edit Servers. Click the Configure link on the right side of the server entry. It is recommended to modify the following parameters:

ConnectAnnounce: 0
HLStatsURL: http://pubic-ip.com/hlstats
ShowStats: 0

As you mouse-over the different parameters you'll get a description in the top of your browser. Click Apply when complete.

Step 9:  Setup the HLXCE Perl Daemon

Navigate to HLXCE working folder scripts. Open up the file hlstats.conf with notepad. Update the .conf file with the following options:

DBHost ""
DBUsername "hlxce"
DBPassword "hlxce-password"
DBName "hlxce"

Save and close the file. Assuming you have installed perl correctly, you should now be able to double-click hlstats.pl and run the perl daemon (i.e. HLstatsX itself).

Step 10:  HLXCE Perl Daemon Batch Script Creation

The following simple batch script to will restart the perl daemon after an abnormal termination:

@echo off
title 27500 Your Server HLXCE STATS
echo (%date%)(%time%) STATS STARTED
echo ===============================================
start /DS:\hlxce\scripts /WAIT C:\hlxce\scripts\hlstats.pl
echo (%date%)(%time%) WARNING: CRASH
goto perl

Step 11:  Daily Awards Setup

Your HLstatsX site has a navigation button that leads to an awards page.  These awards can be generated daily.  This daily award script can be done via a scheduled task within Windows. 

The perl script that generates the awards is called hlstats-awards.pl. I use a Windows Scheduled Task that runs at 12:05am:

Task properties

  • Run: C:\hlxce\scripts\hlstats-awards.pl
  • Start: C:\hlxce\scripts
  • Run As: Your limited user account


  • Schedule Task: Daily
  • Start time: 12:05am
  • Every: 1 day(s)


  • Stop the task if it runs for 23 hours and 0 minutes

Step 12:  Add HLXCE Stats Collector to Game Server Config File

Add the following lines to your server.cfg (created in the next step):

log on
logaddress_add server_ip_address:27500

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