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Fast Download (FastDL) Server Information

Steam Source Servers have the capability of leveraging another server to provide users with custom maps as opposed to the dedicated Steam Source server having to use its own resources and bandwidth to server out the map files.  These web host servers are called FastDL servers.  This is the optimal way for Server Administrators to provide unique map content to their game subscribers.  The following is a tutorial for setting up a FastDL server:

1. Compression Utility

Steam Source servers use bz2 compression files to serve up maps to new users.  BZIP2 is the application used to create compressed bz2 steam map files.  To download the BZIP utility, please download it by clicking on the TAR BZ2 icon to the left.  This application can be used on any Windows computer (including Windows 8).

Create a working directory folder (you can call it maps) and place the bzip2-105-x86-win32.exe in that folder.  To create the bz2 compressed file, take the original map file and drag it over the bzip2-105-x86-win32.exe.  The file will be converted to the new .bz2 file format, completely compressed. 

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