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Dan22 NMRIH Maps

Dan22 is extremely talented in being able to create maps very quickly but yet still pay attention to detail to quality and gamepalay.  He is currently producing NMRIH maps that directly relate to The Walking Dead (Hospital from Season 1).  He will also be converting NMRIH to ZPS maps.  We expect that Dan22 will be contributing some very creative and fun maps for the Community. 

Watch Dan22 Live!


Map Type:  Survival

Last Release Date:  11/27/2012

GameBanana.com Link: 170430

Map Screen Shots: nms_factory

Map Summary:   Seeking refuge in a factory, no were to hide. Zombies are coming your way. What will you do?

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes

nms_dead_revelation (WIP)

Map Type:  Survival

Last Release Date:  TBD

GameBanana.com Link:

Map Screen Shots: nms_dead_revelation (WIP)

Map Summary:   The infection has begun. It is Zombie Day and you seek refuge in you car along with some friends and begin to drive out of civilization. The road becomes filled with walkers and you crash in a near by swamp. The car alarm is like a dinner bell for the zombies as it attracts zombies from all over the areas. An old house by the lake is deserted. Get going and stay alive!

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Soon


Map Type:  Survival

Last Release Date:  10/21/2012

GameBanana.com Link: 169887

Map Screen Shots: nms_townsquare_v2

Map Summary:   You are a survivor who has found an overrun army outpost in a townsquare. Zombies are heading your way. How long can you survive?

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes

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