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Chubaka's ZPS Maps

Chubaka pays attention to detail like no other.  His Anoxia map in my opinion is the best ZPS Objective map ever created.  He does an unbelievable job in taking detailed realism in his maps and applying it to fun game play.  I am looking forward to see what comes next from him. 


Map Type:  Objective

Release Date:  6/25/2011

GameBanana.com Link: N/A

Map Screen Shots: zpo_anoxia_b2

Map Summary:   The best ZPS objective map to date.  Your are in a northern artic secret research base facility.  The research facility has yielded a zombie outbreak. Your sole mission is to find the necessary items needed to fuel the helicopter and escape while defending off a horde of zombies.  

Currently in [ZG] Server Map Rotation: Yes

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