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Admin Policy & Expectations

Admins are required to seed "kickstart" the server when it is empty.  Server rules must be read, understood and in compliance for all [ZG] admins.  Admins will follow the following procedures for seeding the server:

1. Ensure that all [ZG] servers are on your list of steam server favorites to be easily monitored

2. Join server when it is empty or has two people or less

3. Invite all on your friends list to join

4. Invite all newcomers to join our gaming community by becoming a member on our steam community http://steamcommunity.com/groups/zombie_gaming, and/or by joining our website at http://www.zombiegaming.org

5. Once another admin joins, you have the right to leave.  It is recommended that you stay to monitor game play until another admin joins 

6. Admins who troll, grief, are offensive and/or break rules of any nature on other servers are in violation of [ZG] rules as well.  Permabans on other servers/communities will result in a loss of admin rights and possibly a ban from the [ZG] Community

7. Admin privileges cannot be purchased, sold or transferred in any way.  An admin who allows an unauthorized user to use their SteamID in order to use their associated [ZG] admin privileges will result in the immediate revocation of that admin's privileges

Chief Admin Policy & Expectations

All above expectations apply to the Chief (Head) Admin.  What makes the Chief Admin (CA) unique is that this position has final say over new admin recruitment and has the greatest influence regarding changes made to the [ZG] Community.  Chief Admin's are responsible for enforcing all Community rules and standards.  The Chief Admin will be assigned a 1 year position.  Goals the Chief admin is to achieve during the 2013 calendar year are:

  •     Increase Steam Community membership to 10,000
  •     Facilitate the smooth incorporation of Contagion into the [ZG] Community
  •     Plan and coordinate two major gaming events for 2014-2015
  •     Bring the NMRIH and Contagion servers into the top 10 (ranked by GameTracker.com)

Upon successful completion of a Chief Admin's tenure along with the goals listed above, the Chief Admin is awarded any one item from their steam wishlist to be purchased by the [ZG] Community as a thank you (job well done).

Player Ban Policy & Expectations

1. Everyone gets three strikes (warning, kick, then ban)

2. After three strikes, once a ban is required, the following duration applies to bans:

  • 1st Violation - 1 Day (1444 Hours)
  • 2nd Violation - 1 Week (10080 Hours)
  • 3rd Violation - 1 Month (43829 Hours)

After the third ban violation (third strike) any subsequent ban, regardless of the type of violation will result in a Permaban.  

3. A Player Ban should commensurate the specific violation

  • Team Killing bans are handled automatically by the server.  A Permaban for a team killer will be submitted to the forums

4. Immediate Permabans (outside of the three strike rule) will be reserved only for the following violations (also after three strikes are followed)

  • Racism
  • Hacking
  • Changing name to avoid admin punishment
  • Impersonating an admin

All bans can be reviewed in real-time by going to the [ZG] Player Bans Website

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